Hacking Willpower

People have asked me how I maintain my current DIET AND EXERCISE and I always end up say I hacked willpower. It’s too long a conversation to get out succinctly and politely but I wanted a place to put it into words. Hence this entire blog as an excuse for this post. Here’s the disclaimer: This [...]

That day after you cheat like a monster

I just spent a weekend not caring about calories, not going out of my way to working out, and eating whatever the hell I wanted, including but not limited to: a chocolate pinata filled with churro pieces and fruit, brunch, two orders of fried cheese curds, and a mess of fajitas and queso. Weight loss [...]

Make the most of your exercise

One of the hardest parts of exercising is the actual “OK, it’s time to work out” part. We’ve conditioned ourselves to view exercise as an effort, something that “just has to be done” and we do boring repetitive exercises over and over. Quite a lot of workout regimens have become very popular for  varying their [...]

This isn’t a weight loss post

Today, if everything goes well (I’m writing this post ahead of time), I’ll have spoken at the Marietta College Matriculation for the class of 2020. Below is a copy of my remarks, and here’s a photo taken from mine, 10 years ago, almost to the day. I was recently at a wedding for one of the [...]

Recognizing myself in the mirror

I’ve been fascinated by weight loss marketing lately, for….obvious reasons, probably. Everyone focuses on the quick fix, the successes, the positive upsides. This makes a LOT of sense. It’s not sexy to sell the two a day work outs, the occasional crippling hunger and complete exhaustion you can experience at various points. The one part [...]

How to avoid the plateau

Well this is one I couldn’t avoid using a FitBit tracker image for. I spoofed this one, for full disclosure, this isn’t my accurate scale right now. But I did, at one point in the past, sit on a plateau of not losing the weight I wanted to lose, even after losing 70lbs in the [...]

Let’s talk 3 day diets

It’s time to take the three day outlook on your diet. I’m not talking about a three day crash diet, or cleanse, or something else, but evaluating where you stand on your diet in three day spurts, instead of by meal, day, or week. There’s a diet out there that scares me. A family member [...]

Break those bad habits

Before we get too far into this post, I want to pimp Guy’s Pizza in Chardon, Ohio, for what is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, and I’ve eaten….lots. Photo is relevant. I’ve eaten there a few times now on my weight loss journey, but I’ve obviously changed what I’ve ordered. [...]

Properly weigh yourself

I just realized how frequently I’m relying on stats from the FitBit app for my blog photos. I’ll work on that. But in this case, it’s key. One of my biggest misconceptions about weight loss so far was in how to measure. I was worried that lifting weights, walking, etc., would increase my muscle mass, [...]

Capitalize on competition

I’ve always been competitive. If I wasn’t the best at something, I’d half joke about hating the person who was. Back in high school, with sports, or college, with classes, or post college with….well, literally everything from jobs to the ability to fold fitted sheets. But I hadn’t been able to put competition together with [...]

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