Properly weigh yourself

I just realized how frequently I’m relying on stats from the FitBit app for my blog photos. I’ll work on that. But in this case, it’s key. One of my biggest misconceptions about weight loss so far was in how to measure. I was worried that lifting weights, walking, etc., would increase my muscle mass, [...]

Capitalize on competition

I’ve always been competitive. If I wasn’t the best at something, I’d half joke about hating the person who was. Back in high school, with sports, or college, with classes, or post college with….well, literally everything from jobs to the ability to fold fitted sheets. But I hadn’t been able to put competition together with [...]

Hacking Willpower

People have asked me how I maintain my current DIET AND EXERCISE and I always end up say I hacked willpower. It’s too long a conversation to get out succinctly and politely but I wanted a place to put it into words. Hence this entire blog as an excuse for this post. Here’s the disclaimer: This [...]

Current Diet and Exercise

Here’s my current workout regimen and diet: Diet: 7:00am: Pro EPA Fish oil, Multivitamin  8:30am Protein shake, 1/2 gallon of water 9:30am Coffee, 1/2 gallon of water 12:30pm Protein Bar, Protein “chips”, 1/2 gallon of water 3:30pm Protein Drink, 1/2 gallon of water Post gym (6:30-7:30pm): Protein Shake, 1/2 gallon of water Dinner: 8pm Dinner [...]

Three Reasons Single Guys Should Rescue A Dog

Let’s start off by agreeing that dogs are the best kind of pet. Cats put guys into weird heavy wool sweater stereotypes, birds are a loud hassle, and reptiles immediately let every girl who lives near you know that you own a high power telescope but can’t name a single constellation. Adopting a dog is [...]

How do I handle cravings?

No, seriously, that’s a question. I have absolutely no idea. I’ve changed my diet rather drastically in the past year. While most nights a year ago would have been the majority of a frozen pizza for dinner, I’m now eating seasoned grilled zuchinni and onions, olives, carrots, and tomatoes. In fact, I’m actually looking forward [...]

HOT TAKE: Dieting is the exact same thing as Religion

Politics, Religion, or Work. The three guaranteed ways to get into a fight at a bar. Gentlemen have known for ages to avoid these topics at all cost, because they’re all so intensely personal. Which means, of course, I’m going to write a public blog post on it under my own name. Come fight me, [...]

You’ll never make a decision in your organization.

This is a post originally intended to be submitted on Post Grad Problems and is satirical.  Every organization hires a wide variety of people to handle different tasks. Odds are good that if you’re working anything salaried, you’re the only one doing the thing your particular role does. That means you’re probably the organization’s Subject Matter [...]

Fighting the Slow Gain

Literally everyone has days where they wake up and say “where did this extra 10 pounds come from?” For me it was 100 or so. Not in one morning, but over ten years. I fell into the habit of rewarding myself after hard days with food. What is a totally encouraged mental health process became [...]

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